Terms & Conditions

We may need to collect some private information in the event that an order for a commodity is registered from our website, we will collect, store and process your data necessary to continue your purchase from our website to secure any claims that may arise later and provide you with the services available to us.

We may collect personal information including such as name, type, date of birth, email address, mobile phone number, phone number, fax number, home address, home address, if different payment details, payment card details or bank account.

We use the information you provide to enable you to process your requests and provide them with the services and information displayed on our website that you request.

All orders can be cancelled, or returned within 14 days of purchase for defected or incomplete products.

Cancellations or order return are to be requested through our website.

Delivery fees apply on cancelled or returned orders.

Values for returned or cancelled orders will be done through the same way of purchase.

The refund will be processed in seven days from receiving the cancellation or request original refunded product.

Delivery dates will be determined based on delivery mode chosen upon placing your order. Please note that those dates are estimated dates that can vary according to shipping companies’ backlog.